Former UFC Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (29-0) thinks that the current UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski will defeat Max Holloway for the third time.

“About Holloway and Volkanovski, honestly I’m really impressed with Volkanovski about his last couple of performances. I like Max Holloway. I like him. This is nothing personal, but I think Volkanovski is going to defend his title. It’s a question: how? Who knows. But I see he’s more – stays busy, fights all the time, experience – maybe experience. Like a little bit more fire. I feel he has a little bit more fire than Max Holloway, and I think Alexander Volkanovski this Saturday is going to defend his title.” – said Khabib to the UFC.

The first two fights between Volkanovski and Holloway went Volkanovski’s way. Volkanovski won both fights by decision, which was highly controversial. 

Holloway believes that he won both fights and is looking to regain the Featherweight throne at UFC 276